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Tattoo is the art of creativity imagination & passion and applies to human skin through needle and colors. Our clients come from many parts of India and we make them feel happy and passionate in their life with our tattooing services. People feel passionate, motivated, impressive and most important happy when they implement the desire tattoo at desire place on their body make then look different from other people.

We work in very hygiene, gentle clean and safe environment so that client never feels uncomfortable or unhygienic in tattooing. It most important aspect with us to have clean and hygiene needle, hands and colors we use to create tattoos. And we are very happy to have good clients without any complain in last 6 years of work in tattooing. We are specialists in all kind of tattooing most likely known as 2D tattoos, 3D tattoos, illusion tattoo, shaded tattoo, permanent tattoo, temporary tattoo. Spray tattoo, Bio Mechanical tattoo.